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The clergyman asked who the singers were, a lone voice answered we are. To his amazement it was the voice of the crippled child. Mose. How, the child walked the long distance from his parents’ house to the church and how the church filled with dazzling light at a time when Ikare had no electricity and the angelic singing in the dead of night was miracles enough for the priest. The climax occurred when the door opened and the priest saw the back of Mose briefly before he disappeared on spiritual wings.
As he grew, he was regarded as an angelic being. His performance in music was superlative. The songs he sang were original and divinely inspired. He had dada (dreadlocks), which his parents had tried to cut. They gave up in frustration when the twelfth razor broke. Later in life, these Samson-like locks usually spread out like an umbrella over the great prophet’s head whenever he ministered in revivals. At a point, he fell seriously ill, everyone thought he would die, but in the seventh year of the illness, God apparently spoke to Mose, saying it was time for him to begin his mission on earth. Mose Orimolade had, therefore, the tripartite endowments of victory embodied in a Mosaic Rod, the authority of prayer and the crown of God’s glory.
Thereafter, he began his apostolic missionary work, spreading the Word, healing and delivering people from the forces of darkness. His personal life was also full of wonders. He was reputed to hunt animals in the bush by sheer will without leaving the four walls of his home. He owned a farm where each harvested yam could only be carried by at least eight people. Once a huge rock fell on him. It took seven able-bodied men to roll the boulder off his prostrate body, yet he rose without suffering as much as a simple scratch.
To crown everything, Moses Orimolade Tunolase was enthroned king by a heavenly host. Eye-witness accounts stated that the participants were not people from this world. They swarmed around him placing a crown of most precious stone on his head and robbing him in dazzling white ornamented robe.

The preamble to the registered constitution of the Cherubim and Seraphim Unification Church of Nigeria (RC NO 12,271 of 9/9/99) states as follows:

  1. whereas the Cherubim and Seraphim Church of Nigeria was founded in Nigeria in 1925, by Divine will and led by Saint Moses Orimolade Tunolase and Captain (Doctor) Christiana Abiodun Emmanuel(nee Akinsowon)