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Mose Orimolade Okejubu, the son of Tunolase was born in Ikare Akoko now the division of Ondo State. The story of his life sounds like a myth. Oral and written accounts have it that while his mother, Odijoroto, was pregnant with him; she experienced strange manifestations of the supernatural. The child spoke in her womb many times, sometimes greeting his mother as she engaged in domestic chores. It reported that once, as an invisible spirit, he helped her lift a heavy load of firewood onto her head while she was fagged out.
When his father, the mighty warrior Tunolase, heard of these phantom stories about the expected child from his youngest wife, he was embarrassed. He consulted the Ifa oracle. The priest warned him not to terminate the pregnancy because ‘the child is a powerful messenger of God in whose way nobody should stand’. Reluctantly, Tunolase allowed the pregnancy to come to term and the prodigious baby was born in 1879.
Alarmingly, the day Mose Orimolade was born, he reportedly walked dragging his placenta along. His father was disturbed. He reported the matter to the King. When the King, Ohikere, came to see this supernatural sight, the baby greeted him, “Welcome father” Tunolase was shocked and enraged. The old man’s jealousy was ignited. He was a valiant dispenser of charms, feared the length and breadth of Ikare and deep into the heart of Nupeland. The father wanted the child to be killed, otherwise he threatened to commit suicide because, and as the saying goes ‘two masters cannot live in the same hut’. Old Tunolase was persuaded by relations and neighbours not to take such a drastic action. Nevertheless, he managed to cripple the young Orimolade. Tunolase remained bitter toward his son, even unto death.
In his childhood days, Orimolade was exposed to the church and was baptised and christened Mose (Moses). In the new light of Christianity, he was a marvel to clerics and a living miracle of God. He started to read the Holy Bible by divine will- not having been taught by anyone to read or write. At the age of eight, it was recorded that the cripple, Mose Orimolade materialised in an Anglican Church in the dead of night when everyone, including the minister of the church, was asleep. The minister, as if dreaming, heard a beautiful heavenly chorale coming from the church. He woke up to more wonders, the church was brightly illuminated and powerful beams of dazzling light shone through the little spaces in the window-shutters and the doors.